Big boy: Meet the stunning model who gets N37m from Ronaldo as monthly allowance to maintain her beauty (Photos)

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Dating the world's greatest footballer comes with its blessings and no one knows this better than Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez.

It was learnt the stunning lass is usually handed a staggering £80k every month by her loving hubby to finance her quite lush lifestyle.
The couple currently have one child together two-year-old daughter Alana Martina, although Georgina also blended in with Ronaldo's three other children.
According to Italian publication Corriere dello Sport, Ronaldo is usually happy to hand his wife-to-be a hefty allowance to keep up with her lifestyle.

Aside from modelling, the 26-year old is for the most part a stay at home mother who also looks after their surrogate twins Eva and Mateo and Cristiano Jr.
At Juventus, Ronaldo is currently on a staggering £28 million-a-year salary and it goes without saying that financing his lady is quite effortless.

Notably, the couple is the ultimate goals on Instagram as they constantly flaunt some expensive merchandise we only see in movies and sometimes our dreams.
This is not to say the model does not have money of her own by any means as she is also a walking money bag by herself.